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Nicosia, Cyprus



Tod’s was born in the early 1900 when Filippo Della Valle built up a shoes workshop in Marche, an Italian well known region for its artisans and the excellent know-how leather working.

During 40s, Dorino Della Valle expanded the activity into a small shoes manufacture company working for the most known brands of that time. In 1975 Diego Della Valle transformed the company in a leading luxury brand well known worldwide for its Made in Italy.

Tod’s combines tradition, high quality and modernity with an exclusive functional design, with the result of a timeless refined elegance. Undisputed protagonist is the leather in all its shades and processing. Tod’s processed the most prestigious leathers coming from the best tanneries of the world to guarantee always the maximum high quality final product available in the market.

The same research of quality and exclusivity is dedicated to the Tod’s Eyewear collection, strongly linked to the brand core values and to the Made in Italy. The sunglass and optical collection, realized in collaboration with Marcolin since 2008, forms a unique mix of elegance and exclusive design, enriched by prestigious materials where the leather is protagonist. On Tod’s Eyewear leather is used as iconic element in Scooby doo well known version or hand stitched by an Italian artisan on the temples to emphasize always the absolute craftsmanship that can be found in every creation.